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Over the last 10 years, the awareness of human trafficking and women in crisis has been noticed around the world. Following awareness comes action. Our women and children’s ministry is working towards programs that support dreaming, learning, and transformation in Christ. Our goal is this because, every woman and child deserves to have the opportunities to see life as big as it can be so that in another 10 years, our world can be something that looks a lot like heaven on earth.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”
― Audrey Hepburn

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thrive seminar

justine johnston // school leader

While on an outreach to Athens, Greece, I stayed at an apartment that looked over a brothel and drug ring. Every night I sat at the window, watching as women were being picked up shoved around by men, as they ran away from cops and were put in many situations that were so unjust. I cried out to God for an answer in all that I was witnessing and left Athens feeling the weight of the injustice.

The following year, God spoke to me very clearly that His call for my life was to work with women and open a safe house/transition home for women that have been trafficked, sexually abused, or battered. A home women can come to find safety from the violence in their lives, a home where women can learn skills that they never thought they could learn, a home where Jesus dwells and heals all wounds. He spoke France as a location but not a specific time as to when I would go.

After hearing my call from God, I went to school in Canada and found a miracle job where I worked at a counseling program for women with eating disorders, self harm issues, and sexual assault. This job gave me the amazing opportunity to learn how to facilitate a program and the experience with ladies who have be harmed.

Nine years after God first spoke my call and promise land, I sit here in France with a call to speak value and worth into every woman I meet. To be a woman who shares love the way it’s supposed to be shared and stand against the injustice of women around the world.


The Thrive Seminar is a platform designed for men and women who feel called to anti-trafficking work and are actively looking for ways to get involved and succeed. The heart of this seminar is to see people thrive in the engrossing environment of anti-trafficking work, through knowing their calling and identity.

This 10-week seminar begins with a four-week lecture phase in Biarritz, France that includes teaching on trafficking in Europe, self-awareness and developing skills and techniques to establish yourself for ministry longterm. The 6-week internship creates a great opportunity to gain experience in your field of interest and apply what you have learned within a ministry context in Europe.


Start Date: 30 September, 2018

End Date: 7 December, 2018


Registration: 30 €

Lecture Phase: 800 €

Outreach: Based on location

Language: English


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