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We believe that we have been created for a purpose and that our bodies are a gift given to us by God unique from the next person, that He desires us to use and steward them as a way to glorify Him and as we carry His Spirit in us.


We want to do what we do in an ELITE way. Being ELITE is, through our gratefulness, making the most of the gift God has given us, taking responsibility to be the best we can, holistically fit Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically.


SFN seeks to create holistically healthy cultures and lifestyles in communities and individuals using sports, fitness and nutrition.

Sports – Is a way that we can glorify God with our bodies, and through competition it can be used to build and celebrate a community or even a country. It can be used to connect with people of other languages and cultures.

Fitness – We believe that fitness is our ability to perform daily routine tasks without fatigue, disease or injury. We want to handle well the physical toll of our daily lives, and be prepared to take on more of what God would call us to.

Nutrition – This is what fuels our bodies, good nutrition plays a big role in how our body can carry out its normal functions to prevent disease, sickness, injury and aid in recovery.


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matt gwyne // sport ministry leader

By how we play and compete we want to show that our motivation and belonging ultimately comes from God. And because our bodies, skills, passions and abilities are all from Him we find true and ultimate fulfilment in using them for His purposes, rather than for our own selfish gain and glorification.

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