surf & snow dts

Across boarders. Pushing the limits.



We run the regular 6 month DTS program with the added flair of having Surfing & Snowboarding/Skiing a big part of the school. Our heart is to go deep in relationship with God alongside using our abilities in hard to reach places on outreach. This school has a twin outreach focus of evangelism and community development in 5 target communities in North West Africa and the Middle East.

lecture phase

It starts off here in Biarritz with a 12 week lecture phase where we will have visiting speakers from all over the world teaching on a specific topic each week. Alongside lectures the students will be part of worship sessions, prayer times and practical work on the base and in the community. We will also be spending a lot of time together surfing, riding and exploring this corner of the world!

It’s a real life-transforming experience. It’s all about knowing the heart of God and making Him known in the nations. We’re not just looking to learn more head knowledge but to let that knowledge overflow into our lives and let the power of God transform us and those around us.

“During my DTS God pushed me past my own limits and I was able to see incredible growth spiritually! My relationship with Him became more intimate, and now I hear His voice everyday!”

– Jordy, Canada

outreach phase

The 11 week outreach phase goes to the epic places of the earth! Pushing boarders and pushing the limits – the Surf and Snow DTS aims to go to North and West Africa and the Middle East using Surfing and Snow sports as the platform to reach out. Full of adventure and life, you’d go to some of the most beautiful places on earth to share the love of God to some of the most beautiful people!

We want to see these regions of the earth impacted by the love of God. And with great wisdom, we meet people – do teaching and training, help practically and share testimonies with the hope of people discovering the good news!



Start Date: 1st October, 2017

End Date: 23rd March, 2018

Registration: 30 €

Lecture Phase: 2450 €

Outreach: 2,000 – 2500 €

Languages: French & English

Tanja von Wartburg, School Leader

If you are a part of the subculture of surfing, snowboarding, or both and desire authenticity in your relationship with God come and join our Surf and Snow DTS. We are passionate about people recognising the goodness of God our Father and growing in a personal, intimate relationship with Him. Our heart is to see young people realise their potential within the passions God has given them. We want to use our foundation in God alongside a sense of radical adventure to unlock and influence the darkest nations on earth. If you want to change your life and use your passions for a purpose come and join us for this school!

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