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A Call, An Answer, A Future  



DTS is a place where you can learn and experience the love of God in a deeper way, but it’s as well a place where we will be growing together, walking along side, discovering international community. Going to Greece and Turkey, serving the needy, caring for the tired and giving hope for a new life.

lecture phase

This DTS seeks to answer to two pressing needs we are facing today. The first is the need to know God in a direct and genuine relationship with Him. In pursuing this goal, we will spend three months in a classroom setting where 12 different speakers will come to share their knowledge and passion for God. We will focus on getting to know God’s Nature and Character, His Father heart, how He speaks to us, etc. We will also create an atmosphere where community is developed through great times of intercession, worship, and friendship!   

My trust in God grew even more in this time with serving in the refugee crisis. He was my strength and my love every single day and he still is. My Father in Heaven was my rock every day.

Wiam Botma, SA.

outreach phase

The second is the need to reach, help, and ultimately impact the lives of people who are running from their own countries, fleeing war, and trying to start a new life.  

For this we will spend three months on outreach where the need is clearly present, at hand’s reach. We believe this is the time for us to actively respond in love for the lost, times where we can be a light for those in need.

Start Date: 8th October 2017

End Date: 30th March 2018

Registration: 30 €

Lecture Phase: 2540 €

Outreach: 2000 – 2100 €

Languages: English

Location: Lesvos, Greece

Juan Lopez, School Leader

I come from Colombia where family is really important, and I would love to see people understanding and honouring the Father, giving as mothers, and caring for each other as brothers and sisters. As a community in Biarritz we love to champion people to live by the Spirit and to pursue their passions, as well to be flexible and active in answering the immediate needs of the world.  

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