He hears the Cries of His Creations

He hears the Cries of His Creations

This story is by Sean, a newly 21-year-old man from the Northern Kingdom of Canada, who has been in missions for the past three years of his life, and is happy about that.

God speaks, and we go; That alone could be the summary of a thousand such stories issued out of YWAM Biarritz. Still, though, I’ll tell another story, one that’s followed us for almost two years, and has catapulted beyond what we ever could have imagined.

It was the middle of October, and for about 5 months, the refugee crisis in Europe had been raging on, with no peaceful end in sight. At this point in time, the crisis had shown itself to be one that could evolve, and though it had started to show it’s disastrous effects on the island of Kos, the tide shook. The island of Lesvos began to be crushed under the weight of the hundreds of migrants of arriving on their shores, and the Lord heard the cry of His creations.

In a regular intercession time on our base in October 2015, we decided to devote ourselves in prayer to this topic, and see what could come of it. God, however, had plans higher than we could have. On the 13th October 2015 he specifically called 6 people from our base to be the answer to some of these prayers; He called us to go to the front-lines, to the island of Lesvos, and love where we could love. Through a contact from another YWAM base, we were connected with an organisation on the ground. Euro Relief was short of hands and been given the responsibility to run a transit-camp on the island. Within 36 hours of that intercession time, a team of seven was on their way to Lesvos, committed to two weeks, but ready to see what more God would bring.

We couldn’t have come at a more needed time, and that, of course, is a thanks to the sovereignty of God in the directions He gives to His followers. Within the days that we got there, we saw thousands of migrants flood onto the shores of the island, and our efforts played a direct role in not only seeing them served, but loved. From this, we felt, as a base, committed to more than just one short-term trip to Lesvos, and saw the need for a long-term engagement with the island. We went forward, deciding to coordinate all YWAM efforts on the island for the next 18 months, and through our administration, saw hundreds upon hundreds of YWAMmers come to the island, up until the pioneering of YWAM Lesvos itself. And that, quite simply, came out of a place of prayer.

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